Yeah people haven’t said if you don’t like Adriana you are a hater recently, but everything else that person mentioned was said recently, I think its obvious why the person wrote what they wrote. They mentioned what adriana fans said in the past but only talk about what non candice fans had to say, kinda hypocritical to be calling people juvenile

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Sorry, if I changed the previous gif of Candice. She’s so damn hot in the new gif, though. :)

-Ruby (la30th-seniorite)

Hey!Where can I put put my dream angel line up?

Hi, you can submitted the list by names or your own photo :)

- Mio -


where has anyone said that if you don’t like adriana then you are a hater recently? And I think the brazil confession was a good a point, some fans take it way out of context and start disrespecting the actual natives of Brazil. I agree not really “stan” wars but opinions that are half of the time rightfully defended

I do see some confessions about Adriana like “You don’t like her? You’re a hater”, and it’s not recently. I’m not sure about “the brazil confession” that you said :)

Everyone has his own favorite angel and ways to show his love, sometimes it’s over. No war ^^

- Mio -

Photo by confessor

Photo by confessor


Hi. I am the anon of the last Miranda confession with the video.
I understand your point of view and what I will say do not turn it down. But.

If your opinion is true why she did not just let the nanny go without doing any picture with her son ? Why putting him in this situation ? Wouldn’t it be more respectful for her son to do it alone ? 

So yes, Flynn is cute waving at the paparazzi, but that cuteness disturb me. For me, It means his use to it. To much. And in all the picture he has with his mother it is always planned picture, always the same kind : him in her arms, always in the same side. They both have the same expression and do the same gesture. Like a long repeated theater play. 

In one hand she says she wants to protect him and preserve him from paparazzi, but in other hand you often see her doing such photo shoot in the street without even trying to protect him, and always in front of her own building. 

By the way, I apologize for my english. It’s not my mother tongue. Feel free to correct my grammar mistakes.

- At first, thanks for sharing your opinion kindly with us :)

At I said before, I think there’s something had changed in Miranda’s schedule. She might want to take Flynn along with her but something happened and she had to give him to his nanny. And yes, I admit that Miranda and Flynn have much photos in the street that looked alike. The inconsistency in her own words might make us confused too. Anw, I think a mother would love her son with no terms, I don’t want give any negative comment for a mother on what she did for her son. She might have some reasons, or some problems. We never know.

And don’t worry about your English :) English’s not my mother tongue too